Student Category Entry Form 學生組別參賽表格

  • 結束日期:2022年5月15日下午3時正 [香港時間]

    Deadline: 15 May 2022 3:00 pm (HK Time)
  • 此類別開放予在香港、澳門及大灣區內其他城市就讀城市設計、建築、園境建築和城市規劃課程的學生參加。

    This category is for academic projects submitted by urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and town planning students who are studying in Hong Kong, Macau and other Greater Bay Area cities.
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  • 個人聲明:我謹此聲明以上填報之資料均屬真實無訛,所提交的作品亦是由本人/本隊伍所原創,並願意承擔作品之一切責任。我謹此賦予主辦單位作品之版權作宣傳及展覽之用。

    I hereby declare that the information provided in this submission is true and accurate. I/We shall be responsible as the primary author of the design submitted herewith. To the Organizer, I/we hereby assign all the rights of using the design for promotion and exhibition purpose.
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Submission Requirment 參賽作品提交格式

1. In view of the Covid-19 prevention restrictions, both electronic and original copies of the entries are required for this competition. The electronic copy should be uploaded to the entrant’s personal cloud storage, and its link should be sent via email to, with the subject “Entry for the ‘Building a Dream in Bay Area’ Competition”, containing the entry form, the required documents and the electronic files of all exhibition panel images (the resolution of the images should be at least 300 dpi and the PDF file of the exhibition panel should not be larger than 20MB) in PDF format.
鑒於防疫限制,本次參賽作品均需提供電子版及原件。參賽作品電子版請上傳檔案至參加者個人網上雲端並將其連結電郵至,標題為「築夢灣區參賽作品」,內含PDF格式的提名表格、所需的文件及所有展板圖像之電子檔案(圖像的解像度不少於300 dpi,展板的PDF格式檔案不可大於20MB)。

2. The Judging Panel reserves the right to request the entrant to submit or supplement the completed and signed entry form, any undertaking and/or any other information and documents as deemed necessary by the Judging Panel within the specified time. In addition to the above, if the entrant submits new or additional information after the submission of the entry, such information will not be accepted. If the entrant fails to comply with the competition rules or fails to comply with the Judging Panel's request to submit or supplement the entry form or any undertaking and/or any other information and documents as deemed necessary by the Judging Panel, the Judging Panel has the right to recommend to the Judging Panel that the entrant be disqualified from the competition.

3. The entry submitted can include: design description (including problem identification, creative planning, design ideas and design highlights, etc.), analysis schematic, master layout plan, node design schematic, presentation drawing, view rendering, or other relevant illustrations expressing the design intentions. The layout can be based on the need to express the work, focusing on the key points and strategy of the design. The form of expression is not limited. The proportion of the drawings is self-determined; on principle 2-4 drawings should be laid out vertically in accordance with Example A1. The images should be in JPG format, with resolution no less than 300dpi. 提交的作品可以包括:設計說明(含問題提出、創意策劃、設計思路和方案亮點等)、分析圖、總平面圖、節點設計圖、表現圖、效果圖或其他表達設計意圖的相關圖示等。版式可根據作品表達需要,著力體現方案重點和設計策略,表達形式不限、圖紙比例自定,原則應按示例A1豎排2至4張。圖片為JPG格式,精度不小於300dpi 4. Entries should be bilingual (Chinese (simplified or traditional) and English) 參賽作品為中英文雙語(中文簡體或中文繁體均可) 5. The Judging Panel may invite entrants to present their entries to the Panel either on-site or online if necessary. 評審委員會有需要時將會邀請參加者現場或網上向委員會簡介參賽項目。

6. Submitted materials will not be returned. Entrants are advised to retain copies of their entries for other purposes.